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One size does not fit all

At Shackletons we don’t just want to sell you any chair‚ we promise to make the perfect one for you, whether that’s the best recliner chair or the best high back chair for your needs.

As individuals of varying height and build, we each have our own needs for comfort from our own chair.

Shackletons’ ‘Take it easy’ Comfort Chair Guide is our step-by-step process to help you identify what to look for to ensure your chosen chair is just right for you.

From the best recliner chairs, to comfortable high back chairs and sofas, to rising and swivel chairs, with the help of our Comfort Chair Guide you’ll find the right seating solution for you. Simply get in touch if you have any questions.


A chair that is easy to sit in

When the chair height is correct feet can be placed flat on the floor, hips are level with or slightly above the knees and the back and head are fully supported.

The correct depth of chair allows our seat to locate correctly into the seat cushion, our back to remain upright and the back of our knees to be in contact with the seat cushion.


A chair that is easy to stand from

When the angle between the chair back and seat is correct for us, we can easily transfer our centre of gravity forward and use our legs and arms together to make standing easy.

The correct width of chair allows us comfortable room either side of the hips, with our arms and hands resting in a natural position on the chair arms, which can be used to assist with standing.


A chair that is easy to snooze in

Most of us quite like to take an occasional nap in our chair. For a restful snoozing position, we need our head and neck to be properly supported with our head leaning slightly backwards.


A chair that is easy on the eye

Make your individual upholstery choice from our outstanding range of rise and recline chairs and sofa collections, all available in a wide selection of quality fabrics, leathers and designs.

Why not book a FREE home consultation? Our FREE Home Consultation Service is tailored to you, just like our chairs. Arrange your free home consultation today and discover the joys of a comfortable chair tailored to you. Just call 01924 440600 or complete the form below, where one of our chair expert are on hand to assist you.

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