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Shackletons TV Advert

23rd May 2019


Hands up if you remember the Shackletons TV advert! We’re still incredibly proud of our High Seat Chair TV advert and amazed that people can recite it word for word after all these years. We’ve changed a lot over the 60 years, but at our heart is creating comfort. What are your memories of this advert? 

“It’s grand to find a comfortable chair when you’re getting on a bit or you’ve got arthritis.

My niece got this from Shackleton’s you know – Shackleton’s original high seat. I never thought it would be so easy to get in and out of.

First she sent for their brochure, then went to the showroom. They had over a hundred chairs to choose from. Shackleton’s high seat chair – it’s lovely.”

Watch the Shackletons TV Advert

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It’s lovely.